Gillard v Rudd; what a mess!

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It must, has to be, the most shocking political comebacks of all time, the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been defeated by Kevin Rudd in a snap leadership election by the man she replaced in 2010, Kevin Rudd.

Frankly I’m amazed that the Aussie Labour Party had the election at all after the previous shenanigans in the Gillard v Rudd push-pull, have an election, don’t have an election soap opera that is the Australian Labour Party.  But Rudd has done it (at last), he’s been smarting since 2010 when he lost to JG and he’s been bitter ever since.


Rudd won the vote 57 to 45 and its reported that several ministers have resigned their positions.  Not a big shock since the last (aborted) attempt to have a vote wound-up with JG appointing a number of her supporters to key positions.  The idea being that she would bring stability to the party and stand a (slim – almost nil) chance of winning the General Election in September.

However, with Rudd at the helm the Labour Party looks set for a huge, massive, staggering, crushing defeat at the elections.  Opposition leader Tony Abbott has called on the government to move the election forward to August, because of the “paralysis” in leadership.  Opportunistic? well yes but to be honest I’d do exactly the same in his place.

Leaving the chamber where the ballot was held, Gillard told reporters: “Three years ago I had the honour of being elected Labor leader.  This privilege was truly humbling. I thank the Labor Party for that privilege and I thank the Australian people for their support.  I’m confident I leave the prime ministership having strengthened our relationship with our partners, all of them.”

Rudd defended his challenging JG at such a turbulent time for the party. “For the nation’s sake it is time for this matter to be resolved. We are on course for a catastrophic defeat unless there is change”.  Oh you really think so?  No s__t Sherlock!

Well JG lasted 3-years and I must hand it to her, not only has she had to contend with an opposition looking to exploit every chink in her and her party’s policies but she’s had the constant barracking and competition from within; Kevin Rudd.  Under the circumstances, global economic melt-down, the reduction in the Chinese demand, being the figure head for major mining deals with Chinese companies, the constant threat from the opposition and Kevin Rudd as well as the so-called gender wars; you know what?  I think she’s done well!  In fact I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’d vote for her!

The gender thing by the way was (is) a big deal in Australia but don’t let it cloud your views about JG, its significant but not the only thing she should be remembered for, but it was entertaining while it lasted.