Colloque : "L'innovation sous ses multipl...
Colloque : “L’innovation sous ses multiples formes : défi d’aujourd’hui pour l’Europe de demain” (Photo credit: musigny)

I read some place that you don’t get good ideas by sitting in the same office, at the same desk, doing the same things day after day, talking to the same people and listening to the same reply’s as everybody else.  Well I suppose this is true.

Innovation:  I like innovation, in fact I really like innovation.  Its uncomfortable, often but bottom line, no matter how much you think you need to think about, talk about, consult on, have a process for…

INNOVATION can be summed up as a ONE-OFF!

You cant restrict innovation to the Friday Afternoon meeting, it just happens, so INNOVATION: JUST GET ON & DO IT!


Innovation happens from time-to-time but if you make it a habit it’ll happen a whole lot more often.  Get used to having ideas and following through on the research, the thinking.  Have a go and see what happens.  Ideas have to be articulated so bring focus to the ideas, without focus ideas (good ideas) will get lost as unusable, they wont get off the ground.  Innovation should be at the core of your thinking.

When you do have a good idea you are probably going to need others to help.  You may have had the idea but you are very unlikely to be the genius to make it happen all on your own.  Network, expose other (trusted) people to your ideas.  If you do this you will find the collaboration you need and you’ll also be sparked to have other new ideas.  Innovation is a habit, so keep doing it.

When you do get an idea you might just think its the next best thing since bread came sliced.  Whilst this may prove to be the case it almost certainly isn’t so this network you’ve developed is going to come in really handy when you want to tweak that idea.  Get those assumptions dealt with real fast and get the glitches out of the way you wont want them at product stage.

Personal bias will get in the way so you are going to have to learn how to engineer the selection process.  Good ideas can often fall in the face of detractors.  Focus on removing the personal and individual blockages to good ideas.  The decision process has got to be along the lines of judgments that remove individual bias and throw out good decisions.  Group focus is good, individuals tend to bring with them biases which influence.

Corporate politics set rules that get in the way of innovation.    No matter the quality of an idea it will at some point fall prey to the winds of organisational politics.  If you aren’t the leading of your idea then the person you’ve chosen is going to have to battle hard for recognition of the idea.  The idea leaders role is to navigate the organisational landscape bringing along potential supporters and sponsors.

Innovation is a habit; therefore you are going to have to learn persistence.  Persistence is incompatible with failure.  Form the habit of innovation.


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