How did I get here?

English: Illustrative diagram of history of de...
English: Illustrative diagram of history of development of ISO 9000 series of standards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CV:  Philip Dawson, MBA

2007 – Present:  Owner & Director ¦ Technical, Sales & Bakeware, Northpoint Ltd

2005 – 2007:  Director of Organisational Development, Northpoint Ltd

2003 – 2005:  Managing & Sales Director, Woodmet Anodising Ltd

1998 – 2003:  QSE Manager, Northpoint Ltd

1996 – 1998:  Production Manager, Northpoint Ltd

How did I get into Management?

By accident really, I wanted to be a lawyer and was self funding through law school whilst working.  I was offered a job in a law office but by the time this had happened I was married, child, dog, mortgage & car loan and I was earning more than was being offered.  So I stayed put and switched focus.  The law education has stood me good stead when negotiating and understanding contracts.

What qualifications do I hold?

MBA – University of Hull

Diploma in Strategic Management & Marketing – Open University

Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health – Nottingham Trent University

Lead Auditor; BS EN ISO 9000 – ISOQAR

What aspects of Management do I really enjoy?

Doing the deal, this is great fun and can be very rewarding.  Getting paid when the work is received by the Client, this is recognition of the job done.  Solving problems, there can be no better feeling than overcoming a difficulty and improving processes.

Highest & Lowest career points?

2 high points; achieving the MBA was a big deal for me and then buying the company I work for.  Huge achievements for somebody who came from nothing.

Low point; actually there is no stand-out low point, but dealing with ignorance is a real downer for me.  Educated Ignorance is the very pits in my view.

What do I think will be the biggest developments in the next 10-years?

Globally – population growth and clean energy supply.  I also think that space exploration will be a massive driver for technical advancements.  The continued growth of on-line communications will increase in speed.

Personally – I will move away from Britain and begin another simpler life.

If I were PM for a day (I think I’d need much longer actually) which laws would I change?

I’d put much greater emphasis on education and beef-up border control.  I’d also reduce global military engagement, putting focus on investment in services, clean-water supply and food supply.  I’d look to encourage social integration (reducing the ghetto mentality of some social groups) and bring about a system of assimilation for all non-born UK Citizens.

What are my top tips for those who want a similar career?

Know where you are now – know where you want to be – know how you are going to get there – do it!

Oh yeah, and never pat a burning dog.

Who has had the biggest impact on my career so far?

Gary Howse, the former owner of Northpoint Ltd, he allowed me to dream and encouraged me through his actions (he wasn’t explicit) to go and achieve.

If I could be anything other than what I am today what would I be?

An artist, I’d paint or a carpenter (I marvel at carpentry skills and would love to be able to produce beautiful pieces in wood).


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