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A former IT teacher, Adam Walker who qualified in 2000, appeared before a conduct committee in 2010 after he labelled some immigrants “savage animals” on an internet forum using a school laptop. At a recent Administrative Court to appeal his being banned from teaching, the court upheld the life-time ban.

The Administrative Court sitting in Leeds, the 44-year-old – who now works for two BNP MEPs – claimed the decision to ban him for life was “prejudiced” because of his BNP support. But following a hearing at the Administrative Court sitting in Leeds last month, Judge Clive Heaton QC handed down a ruling which concluded: “I reject his argument as lacking any credible evidential base at all.

Adam Walker, who has been on BNP marches with the far-Right party’s leader Nick Griffin, was challenging the ban authorised by the Education Secretary Michael Gove MP which followed him receiving a suspended sentence for verbally abusing three schoolboys, chasing them in his car and slashing the tyres on their bikes with a Stanley knife. 

Last month, Rory Dunlop, for the respondents, said Mr Walker’s behavior with the unruly children on Tudhoe Village Green on St George’s Day 2011 (irony? I don’t think so), which resulted in convictions for criminal damage, possessing a knife, threatening behavior and dangerous driving, was serious.

Children look to teachers as their examples,” Mr Dunlop told the court.

When you have someone not just behaving extremely badly, endangering children, but also failing to take responsibility for that behavior and lying about it, what kind of example does that set to children?

Lets be quite honest about this, Adam Walker has chased, abused and damaged the property of children. He’s (was) a teacher! He happens to be a supporter of the BNP; a side issue to my mind. And he wants to carry on being a teacher. Honestly? Are we expected to take him seriously? His appeal would be laughable if it wasn’t serious.

He supports the BNP, so what you might ask. This is an organisation based on the premise of hate, prejudice, discrimination and ignorance. He has no place being a teacher when he holds such views, but of course we have a broadly speaking liberal society and he is therefore allowed (no joke). But he’s a violent, abusive man. The children he chased may be unruly, that’s possibly related to how they are parented, but they are minors in the eyes of the law and deserve better than to be chased, abused and exposed to violence from a Teacher of all people.

We fail our youth at our peril. We allow organisations such as the BNP at our peril.

People convicted of crimes such as Adam Walker should be made to pay not just by losing their job but by a prison sentenced. A prison sentence where he is put to work and the fruits of his work made to pay the cost of keeping him in prison. If he were to refuse to cooperate his sentence could be extended and he could be confined to solitary confinement without visitors. I also suggest that a sentence when passed is served, in full, no tariffs, no compromise.

Of course there are worse crimes and needless to say I might suggest a harsher regime and I would reintroduce the death penalty for some, but that’s a different blog post entirely.

Live More

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Let the child explore and learn
Let the child explore and learn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many ways to learn, classroom, books, by being shown and the hardest of the lot, through experience.

Experience, life experience – not just the sort of learning you do for educational reasons because you have to go to school or the sort of learning you do because it helps with your career – well that’s the really important kind of learning. That’s life experience, the life you lead teaching you things you didn’t know. Some of the lessons seem hard, cruel even but life is supposed to be hard, its supposed to be difficult; not all the time but some of the time.

The best way of learning is through experience, by living your life to the full you learn. By having new and varied experiences you learn. By failing (I fail plenty by the way) you learn!

You may think that the going is way too tough at times but stick with it, what you learn at the tough times really does make you stronger, honest.

The most important thing is to live as much as you can so that you learn as much as you can.